Mike and Sue Heger

Donations Driver, Deconstruction and ReStore East 

How long have you been working at the ReStore? Sue for 2 years and Mike for 3 1/2 years
What do you enjoy most about working at the ReStore? Both Mike and Sue enjoy working with the other volunteers. Mike considers volunteering at the ReStore a “real treat” along with being a great mental and physical workout! Sue likes working with staff and volunteers who understand the importance of reusing. She also enjoys the regular customers who joke around and make it fun to volunteer
Previous or current profession: Sue is a retired RN and Mike is a retired high school teacher and Technology Director
First job: Sue worked as a summer nurse’s aide in the ER at UW Hospital and Mike worked for his father’s construction company doing carpentry and roofing (before nail guns)!
My friends describe me as: Mike — hard working, determined. Sue — good listener! (She also has a great smile)
What is the strangest item you have seen come through the ReStore? Sue — the chandelier that seemed to be made of stone. Mike – the large collection of modern art paintings.
Favorite memory of working at the ReStore? Sue said she is always amazed how customers come up with clever ides to change the purpose of an item into something useful or artistic. Mike says the best thing about volunteering is the internal satisfaction of doing something that helps others

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