Jeff Meicher

Jeff MeicherHow long have you been at the ReStore? 3 1/2 years

What’s your favorite part of working at the ReStore? 
Working with old friends and meeting new ones. Being able to provide reconditioned materials & items for people that might not be able to afford or want to purchase new.

Previous or current profession:  Assistant Superintendent at Oregon Correctional Center

First job/Weirdest Job: Working in a tobacco field for a summer. Picking night crawlers for a bait shop. I was paid a penny a worm? I also washed dishes at Halverson’s Restaurant in Sun Prairie.

Hobbies: Kayaking, both still and whitewater. Camping, cooking and doing stained glass. I was also a Civil War re-enactor (for the winning side).

My friends describe me as:  There when needed, a little off center in the humor department. Life is too short, so you gotta laugh. A good cook and willing to tackle anything at least once.

What is the strangest item you have seen come through the ReStore? The security window bars from Mendota Mental Health

Favorite memory or what you like about working at the ReStore? My trip to El Salvador to help build two homes; we spent the week digging septic tanks with a pick axe. Kathleen supervised us.  Also, getting the new Eastside store ready for opening! I can’t believe we used 50 gallons of paint!

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