Habitat Deconstruction Services

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Green Approach to Remodeling, Demolition
The Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Team provides removal of salvageable materials from your home or business. As a locally recognized and respected organization, we offer efficient service and experienced personnel to complete your job on time.

Benefits of using the Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Team

  1. It’s environmentally responsible. We divert tons of usable material from our local landfill, and lower the overall footprint of businesses in our community.
  2. It helps people in need. Proceeds from the sale of donated materials support the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Dane County to provide affordable housing.
  3. It makes sense financially. Your donated material may be tax deductible.

How the Deconstruction Process WorksOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Our experienced and insured crew removes salvageable materials from your property
2. Materials go to the Habitat ReStore to help building affordable housing in Dane County
3. We request a monetary donation of $200 per day that our crew goes to your property
4. You receive a donation receipt for tax purposes

For more info contact Frank Byrne, the Deconstruction Manager
Cell Phone:        608.712.0737
e-mail:               fbyrne@restoredane.org

What Deconstruction Volunteers Do:
Remove reusable materials including wood flooring, cabinets, doors, etc. and load and unload the material into the ReStore truck

Interested in Volunteering?

Deconstruction volunteers work in a team to remove salvageable materials.  No experience is needed, all you need is a willingness to work and the time to volunteer. A weekly commitment is appreciated but not required. Volunteers are scheduled on an as needed basis. If interested, email Emilyor call her at 661-2813, ext. 3.

HFHDC Insurance Coverage
We are covered by an umbrella policy that covers all employees and volunteers on site. Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

One Person’s Trash… …Could be another person’s treasure!
Stop by the Habitat ReStore and look through our inventory of Deconstruction items. We have received salvaged treasures such as antique hutches and a beautiful stained glass windows from deconstruction sites in the past. Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Services promote and encourage the diversion of these materials from the landfill.