Bob Hillner

BobHillnerName: Bob Hillner

How long have you been working at the ReStore? 12 years

What’s your favorite part of working at the ReStore? When working on the donation truck, the donors. In the store, talking and helping customers. Interacting with the staff and other volunteers – it’s a great place to volunteer!

Previous or current profession:  Administrative office, legal division, Wisconsin Department of Justice

First job: Mowing lawns as a kid, counting blades of grass for UW Agronomy Dept.

Hobbies: Volunteering, woodworking, carving, reading

My friends describe me as: I don’t know because they have never told me, but they are still willing to spend time with me.

What is the strangest item you have seen come through the ReStore? Items no one knew what they were – that’s strange!

Favorite memory, or what you like about working at the ReStore? The opportunity to spend time with people who have a different background than mine.


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