Habitat ReStore Project of the Year Contest

We’re proud to announce the 2017 Habitat ReStore Project of the Year Winner – Cammy Wall! We loved Cammy’s craft room because she mixed many ReStore items with ones she already had to create a beautiful room for her entire family to enjoy. Congratulations Cammy!

Hear about Cammy’s project:

“We moved into our home in April. It's a ranch and the prior owners had done an addition, resulting in a massive family space, in addition to the traditional family room, in the basement. We converted the old family room space, which had green popcorn walls and paneling, to a craft room/studio. We purchased mismatched cabinets from Habitat ReStore during the Earth Day sale. They were all varied shades, finishes, sizes and condition. sanded them all down and painted them white. We created a fantastic wall of cabinets with three-door uppers, stacked on top of each other. Then we created a fantastic long surface with a computer workspace and plenty of space to create. The cabinets all required shimming and building up or out to come to the same height and depth. We topped them with white laminate counter, also purchased from Habitat ReStpre. We used previously owned IKEA pieces and more laminate to create a fantastic island to also work on. Finally, a solid wood Dutch door from Habitat ReStore, was painted glossy black and put at the entry. We did all of the work ourselves, creating a fantastic space to DIY! My daughter and I spend the most time in here, but there is enough space for everyone. The island is large enough to accommodate playing a board game or wrapping presents. Having purchased most of our materials from Habitat ReStore was fantastic – not only did you save us money, we had the pleasure of giving back as well.”