Michelle Lieck

MichelleHow long have you been working at the ReStore? About mid-2011

 What’s your favorite part of working at the Restore?  The friendly staff and appreciation they have for volunteering efforts.

 Previous or current profession:  Currently working as a web developer for Mid-West Digital Marketing

First job/weirdest job: In college I worked at a mental health clinic and had to call patients to collect on past due bills.

Hobbies:  Bicycling, Yoga, Drawing and hanging out with my family

My friends describe me as:  Fun and always happy

What is the strangest item you have seen come through the ReStore?  I’m usually in the back behind a computer so haven’t seen anything too strange!

Favorite memory, or what you like about working at the ReStore?  Helping out doesn’t feel like work.  The Restore makes you feel like part of the family and I enjoy my friends there!

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