Kris Hesch (warehouse) & Paul Hesch (warehouse/decon)

???????????????????????????????How long have you been working at the ReStore?
Since ReStore West opened in July 2012

What’s your favorite part of working at the ReStore?
We enjoy working with like-minded volunteers who value reusing and repurposing over putting things in the landfill.

Previous or current profession:
Kris – retired elementary teacher
Paul – retired Navy and retired medical technologist


Paul enjoys wood-working while Kris loves sewing and re-decorating. We both spend time helping our kids!

My friends describe us as:
Out-going and helpful. Paul can be a “crazy jokester” while Kris tries to keep Paul “in line.”

What is the strangest item you have seen come through the ReStore?
We like learning about how people turn one person’s donation into their own treasure.

Favorite memory, or what you like about working at the ReStore?
The people – “there’s something about Bob”

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