Kathi Kemp


Kathi Kemp
West Side ReStore Cashier/Warehouse

How long have you been working at the ReStore?  Since the West Side ReStore opened in July
Previous or current profession: Professional Librarian
Hobbies:  Reading, the outdoors, fine films, volunteering, dancing
What’s your favorite part of working at the ReStore? I love connecting customers with great ReStore finds.
Weirdest moment at the ReStore: Once we had a Tiffany Style lamp being put on the sale floor and two people tried to buy it at the same time! One person said they had the $65 for it and started to pull out the cash, the other person said they would pay $66 for it and tried to outbid them. We sold it to the person who said they’d buy it first.
Why do you volunteer your time at the ReStore? I love being a part of the Habitat Orgnaization. I have been involved with their cause for a long time, including going to El Salvador twice to work on housing builds, support micro businesses and build a future library there.

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