Habitat ReStore Donors of the Month

Barrington PlaceMany thanks to Barrington Place, an Eastside Madison apartment complex located near American Family Parkway, for donating cabinets, countertops and sinks to the Habitat ReStores. Since last March, Barrington Place has been donating to the ReStores. Thank you for your generosity.

Ferguson CroppedIn recent months, the Habitat ReStores have been the recipients of bathtubs, shower stalls, lights and hardware. All were generously donated by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Galleries, 4505 Triangle St., McFarland.

The value of their generous donation was more than $10,000. Ferguson is a wholesale supplier of commercial and residential plumbing supplies. One of their showrooms is located in McFarland. Thank you Ferguson thank you for thinking of the Habitat ReStore with your excess inventory!


Logo_UWHealth_noURL_2cA grateful thank you to UW Health for their generous donation of 50 pallets of cabinets to the Habitat ReStores. Their donation helped fill both ReStores at a time when donations were down a bit at the stores.

“We were very excited that our cabinets could be re-purposed instead of ending up in the landfill.  Giving back and contributing to a more sustainable community are very important to UW Health,” said Mary Evers Statz, Director Energy Management & Sustainability, UW Health.

UW Health also let us know that more cabinets are coming!! This is the first time UW Health has donated this type of product to the Habitat ReStores. The beginnings of a great partnership. Thank you!


A big thank you to Mad City Roofing Siding Windows for their generous donation to the Habitat ReStores of 125 brand-new windows. The donation includes a variety of sizes MadCityLogoand styles and are now at both Habitat ReStores – East on Monona Drive and West on Odana Road.

“We really wanted to give back to Madison-area community and found that the Habitat ReStore was a great local option,” said Autumn Reeson, production assistant at Mad City Roofing, Siding, Windows. “We look forward to donating more in the future! We are so honored to be your Donor of the Month. Thank you.”


Amwood Homes/Windsor Building Systems
AmwoodA wonderful surprise. That’s how our Habitat ReStore managers described the day Windsor/Amwood Homes donated pallets full of doors, windows and building supplies. Doug Scott, CEO, Windsor/Amwood Homes, says donating the building supplies to the Habitat ReStore last month is something his company enjoys doing. “We have extra inventory and the Habitat ReStore is the place we can donate it,” said Scott. “It’s a great opportunity for us to help the community.” Not only does Windsor/Amwood Homes help the Habitat ReStores, they also work with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County to build roof trusses for future Habitat homes. Thank you Doug. It’s great to have you as a partner in our community.


Thank you to Fiskars for donating nearly 100 garden tools and products to our Habitat ReStores.

FiskarsFiskars Corporation is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. The world famous orange-handled scissors are a registered trademark of Fiskars Corporation. Madison is the North American headquarters for the company.

Fiskars has also generously sponsored a Habitat for Humanity of Dane County home. The Habitat ReStore appreciates our donors. Thank you!


K&A Distributing
One of the Habitat ReStore’s newest donors reallImage003_full[1]y came through recently. A big thank you to K&A Distributing, 529 Southing Grange, Cottage Grove, who donated 15 pallets of tile to the Habitat ReStore. Kara Syreini oversees K&A Distributing, which sells carpet, tile and wood flooring, while Alan Hayden of Everlast Flooring installs the flooring. Kara and Al said they support the Habitat ReStore and all the work they do in the community. You can reach Kara at 839-1782.

The Habitat ReStore appreciates our newest donors. Thank you!


stool store 004A big thank you to The Stool Store for your generous donations to our Habitat ReStores throughout the last decade. Store Manager Kris Wilke said it’s a “pleasure to work with the Habitat ReStore and the wonderful volunteers.” The Stool Store donates to the Habitat ReStores about four times a year and includes 10 to 15 brand new stools with each donation.

“We’re a Madison-based business and have been for 30 years,” said Wilke. “It feels good to give back to our community.”  The Habitat ReStore certainly appreciates the generosity of The Stool Store, 6706 Watts Road, Madison. Thank you!


Since 2002, FLOOR360 has been a consistent donor of flooring material to not only the Habitat ReStores but to Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. We appreciate their regular donations and their generosity.

“FLOOR360’s goal is to be a company with great flooring products, skilled designers and also as a ‘company with a heart,'” said Bob Tobe, owner of FLOOR360. “We are happy to help such wonderful causes including Habitat for Humanity of Dane County and the Habitat ReStores.”

FLOOR360 was founded in 1998 by Laurie and Bob Tobe in Madison. They have offices in Madison, Milwaukee and Louisville, KY. To learn more go to  www.FLOOR360.com


Dave Jones, Inc.
For nearly 10 years, Dave Jones, Inc. has been donating to the Habitat ReStores.greg jones 004 Recently, the Madison-based company, donated a cube van to the ReStore. Many thanks! Dave Jones, Inc. has also been very generous in donating plumbing supplies to the ReStores and in providing their services to the Habitat home construction program.

Greg Jones, CEO, noted that a “core value” of the Dave Jones, Inc. is community. “Because we are commited to the community, we like to give back to the community,” Greg said. “Since we are so involved in the remodeling industry, Habitat and the Habitat ReStores are a perfect fit for us. We also love what the ReStore does in Dane County.”

Thank you Dave Jones, Inc. and thank you Greg Jones, who also serves on the Habitat Board of Directors.


Home Works Remodeling
It’s wonderful to receive a great testimonial from one of our generous donors – Home Works Remodeling in Middleton. For more than 10 years, Home Works Remodeling has donated to the Habitat ReStore. They also provide some wonderful referrals for our Deconstruction Team. Home Works Remodeling has won 11 NARI Awards since 2002. Congrats and Thank You from the Habitat ReStore.

“At Home Works Remodeling we really value the work the Habitat Restore is doing and we are happy to support it. One of our mantras is “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” and when we give donations to the Habitat ReStore we feel that we are fulfilling all three. We also believe strongly in supporting the local community, and by donating we are contributing to a local business that encourages its customers to shop in their own neighborhoods. In addition to assisting with the efforts to buy local, we are also know the Habitat ReStore is strengthening the community since the proceeds from their stores fund Habitat for Humanity of Dane County’s efforts to provide affordable housing to families in Dane County. We consider working with the Habitat ReStore a win on so many levels, and we are always happy to contribute.” 


Pilgrim Cleaners
image001Pilgrim Cleaners, 7475 Mineral Point Road, Madison, has faithfully cleaned the Habitat ReStore cleaning rags for nearly three years free of charge.

Not only do I think the Habitat ReStores are great stores to shop, but Habitat for Humanity of Dane County is really a wonderful organization, said Ami Schultz, owner of Pilgrim Cleaners. “I’m always amazed at how many volunteers, who are committed to Habitat, come out and volunteer,” she said. “What you do in partnership with the families is awesome.”

The Habitat ReStore very much appreciates the work of Pilgrim Cleaners. Thank you for being a great community partner.


Dorn True Value Donor of the MonthDorn True Value Hardware Stores
It’s great to see product put to a good use and go to a great cause, said Tom Dorn, co-president of Dorn True Value Hardware Stores. “We hate to see quality material go into a landfill,” said Dorn. “The Habitat ReStores provide a win-win for us.”

Dorn True Value Hardware Stores recently donated a small truckload full of cabinet hardware, paint and tools to the Habitat ReStores. The stores on Midvale Boulevard and in Oregon are both getting remodeling, so there’s been “good product” that neeeded a home, said Dorn. Thanks to the Habitat ReStores, our overstocked and out of stock material is going to be used.

Thank you Dorn!

Dorn True Value Hardware has four locations in Dane County: Midvale Boulevard, Sun Prairie, Oregon and N. Broom Street.


Danny Coyle 004Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home
In early February, Coyle Carpet One delivered a wonderful gift to the Habitat ReStores — 18 pallets of flooring.

Danny Coyle, controller at Coyle Carpet One, said he appreciates that the Habitat ReStore is there for Coyle Carpets. “We had some excess inventory and it’s nice to have a place that can use it,” said Coyle. “We are glad that our flooring is put to good use at the Habitat ReStores.”

Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned flooring retailer serving the Madison area for 70 years. For more information on Coyle Carpet One off the Beltline, go to: http://www.coylecarpetonemadison.com/


IMG_20150202_100814Stevens Design
Brad Stevens says he likes what the Habitat ReStore does for our community. “You’re one of my favorite groups to donate,” said Stevens. “I’m pleased the donations help both Habitat and the ReStore.”

Stevens has been extremely generous to the Habitat ReStore. Stevens Design has donated kitchen and cabinet display models and high-end furniture to the Habitat ReStore five times since 2010. The donations have ranged anywhere from $5,000 to nearly $25,000.

Habitat ReStore Director Steve Hanrahan (left) met with Stevens Design Owner Brad Stevens this month to thank him for being such a “great partner.”

For more information on Stevens Design off King James Way in Fitchburg, check out their web site at stevensdesign.net/


SielaffSielaff Corporation
Sielaff Corporation recently donated a truck and a half load of tabletop materials to the Habitat ReStores. The tabletops included marble, wood, stainless steel and glass. The donation is worth several thousand dollars.

“We’re all very happy that the tops went to such a great cause!,” said Alex Sielaff, sales executive. The ReStore is pleased to have such a generous donor in our community.

About Sielaff: The manufacturing company based in Mineral Point designs, engineerings and manufactures steel furniture and furniture components. Their skilled workforce is drawn from the descendents of miners, masons and other European craftspeople that settled this region in the early 19th century. A tradition of pride in American workmanship lives on in this community and in our company.


DSC06454American Family Insurance
Not only does American Family Insurance donate to the Habitat ReStore, but this year they are also sponsoring a home with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. In May, the Habitat ReStore Decon Team picked up 15 small folding tables and file cabinets from American Family to sell at the Habitat ReStores. Then in August, more than 75 employees participated in a parking lot panel build at the office of American Family in Madison. “It feels great to build (today). It makes me want to get more involved in Habitat for Humanity and American Family made it possible,” said Phillip Anastasi, who participated in the daylong build.

Thank you American Family for contacting the ReStore when you had extra office tables and file cabinets and thank you for building with Habitat for Humanity. Both the Habitat ReStore and Habitat for Humanity are making housing more affordable for families here in Dane County. Check out the video about the American Family Panel Build.


Donor of the Month 015Walgenmeyer’s Carpet & Tile
Walgenmeyer’s Carpet & Tile has donated  flooring materials to the Habitat ReStore since 2003. The Madison-based store at 2014 S. Stoughton Road also provides flooring for every Habitat for Humanity of Dane County home at a significantly reduced rate.

“I really like the connection between Habitat for Humanity and the Habitat ReStores,” said Erik Kadlec, co-owner of Walgenmeyer’s. “It’s a great program and we want to support programs that work in Dane County.”

Every few months, Walgenmeyer’s donates two to three pallets of flooring material to the Habitat ReStores. He said the donation process is seamless and likes the partnership.

Kadlec co-owners Walgenmeyer’s with Marci Kadlec and Steve Hyames, owner of Mia pictured above. Walgenmeyer’s has served Dane County for 28 years.


SCI Randy pictureSchorr Construction
Thanks Randy Schorr and all the employees of Schorr Construction for all that you do to help the Habitat ReStore and Habitat for Humanity of Dane County.

Habitat for Humanity contributes so many things to our community. Everyone at Schorr Construction loves being able to donate usable materials and products form our remodeling projects to the Habitat ReStore, knowing they will be reused instead of going into the landfill. The Habitat ReStore staff is wonderful to work with and their process of donating couldn’t be more seamless.”Randy Schorr

Schorr Construction, Inc. is an experienced full service residential and light commercial remodeling and design firm that was established in 1979 by Randy and Kristie Schorr. Remodeling, additions and historic restoration have been and continue to be their specialty. They work within the design/build framework, where they handle all aspects of your project from concept to completion. Learn more about Schorr, based in Verona, at  www.schorrconstruction.com or by calling 608-845-3200.


Jaeckle Distributors
“You’re helping us as much as we’re helping you.” That’s Torrey Jaeckle’s assessment of the value of having two Habitat ReStores here in Dane County.

“We are happy to donate to the Habitat ReStore,” said Jaeckle, vice president of Jaeckle Distributors.  “It’s actually a win/win because it helps us liquidate excess materials that we would otherwise have hard time doing and then puts those materials into a productive use back into the local community.”

Since 2002, Jaeckle Distributors has donated excess floor coverings to the Habitat ReStore. The company distributes all major flooring products to 10 states, with four branch locations in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, and LaCrosse. Jaeckle employs 115 people and has over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space throughout the Midwest.    In February of 2002 the company built and moved into its current 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Madison and has been donating several times a year to the ReStore since then.

For more information go to Jaeckle Distributors.


Hallman Lindsay Quality Paints
It’s the volunteers that make it so easy to donate to the Habitat ReStores. Because the Habitat ReStores are open five days a week, it’s very convenient for our store locations to donate paint there, said Steve Lane, store manager of Hallman Lindsay Quality Paints in Sun Prairie. “Having the Habitat ReStores available to donate our excess or mis-tinted paint is fantastic,” said Lane. “We are so pleased that someone can use this paint.”

Hallman Lindsay has 24 locations, five of which are located in Dane County. In 2012, the company produced over 1.15 million gallons of paint at its Sun Prairie manufacturing location. Hallman Lindsay Paints meets LEED and industry standards for environmentally responsible coatings. The company was far ahead of other companies in introducing zero and low volatile organic compounds paints. “Our environmental focus and the ReStore’s mission to reuse materials, is really a good match,” said Lane. We agree. Thank you Hallman Lindsay for donating to the Habitat ReStores for so many years. For store locations go to www.hallmanlindsay.com.


Hellenbrand Glass 104Hellenbrand Glass
Hellenbrand Glass has been a consistent donor to the Habitat ReStore since 2002. Recently, the Waunakee-based company, donated a full truckload of windows, patio units, exterior door frames, Marwin Windows and shower door units. The donation was valued at $40,000. “We love Habitat for Humanity and what they do for our community,” said Todd Hellenbrand. “Providing simple and affordable homes is a great way to help families improve their lives.” Brothers Todd and Trent started Hellenbrand Glass in 1992 for commercial and residential customers. They also offer an historic renovation division. Hellenbrand Glass’ showroom and facility is located at 211 Moravian Valley Road, Waunakee. Learn more at www.hellenbrandglass.com or call 608-849-8675.


designCraft Advertising, Madison
Yvette Jones walks the talk. As president of designCraft Advertising, a full-service ad agency, she pledges to promote products and services that produce long-term benefits for the community. The Habitat ReStore is one of her clients. Over the last year, designCraft Advertising has provided services to the ReStore at a reduced rate and provided more than $7,000 in in-kind advertising.

Yvette 022
“Like the ReStore, we believe in sustainability,” said Jones. “Advertising with a conscience is something we take very seriously.”

Jones is also a shopper at the Habitat ReStore. When the company remodeled its office they used reused and sustainable materials, some of which came from the Habitat ReStore. Thank you designCraft Advertising for partnering with the Habitat ReStore.
For more than 25 years, designCraft has focused on local businesses and non-profits. designCraft creates logos, websites, business materials, ads, posters, brochures and enewsletters. Their office is located on Park Street, a central location which allows staff to bike, walk and bus to work. For more info, call 608/251-1809 or go to designcraftadvertising.com


TDS Custom Construction, Sam Breidenbach
When Sam Breidenbach of TDS Custom Construction has extra product from a remodel job, he knows the best place for it — the Habitat ReStore.
“I feel so much better knowing the excess materials will have a future home, instead of the landfill,” Breidenbach said. “I’m glad the ReStore is there for us.”
Breidenbach is president of TDS Custom Construction, a Madison-based full-service remodeling and general contracting company. Not only does Breidenbach donate excess material to the Habitat ReStore, but he also refers kitchen tear out jobs to the ReStore’s Decon Team. The partnership has proved successful for both parties. Thank you TDS Custom Construction.


Associated Housewrights, Richard Porst, Matt Speer and Scott Shimanski (not pictured), Co-ownersAssociated Housewrights 008
Associated Housewrights are Habitat donors, ReStore shoppers and provide referrals to the Habitat ReStore Decon Team. The Madison-based remodeler enjoys the partnership with the Habitat ReStore and its Deconstruction team. “Our clients like to know their kitchen cabinets are being reused instead of going to the landfill, said Richard Porst, co-owner, who added their clients enjoy the “cost savings” using ReStore volunteers for kitchen tearouts.
Matt Speer, co owner, said their business is about “health and greenness” and being environmentally responsible.
This week, they needed an antique-looking baseboard register for a home remodel. Porst said they checked online and found a new one for $83, but went to ReStore West, where they found a comparable one for $10.
“It’s a little more challenging and takes a little more time to remodel older homes, but worth it,’ said Speer.
Associated Housewrights have been in Dane County since 1992. According to Decon Manager Frank Byrne, Associated Housewrights has been “a great consistent referral for decon jobs for many years.”
Porst and Speer appreciate the compliment but say it’s a two-way street. “It’s great to work with Frank too,” said Porst. To learn more about Associated Housewrights go to their web site at www.housewrights.com.


Thebco 048Thebco, Steve Bobeck
THEBCO donates new windows and storm doors to the Habitat ReStore three or four times a year.
Steve Bobeck, president, THEBCO, said what he likes about the Habitat ReStore is that it gives his company an opportunity to reuse and recycle, especially when they have incorrectly measured windows or overstocked items. “It’s great that our products get used and not go into the landfill,” he said. In addition, the the Habitat ReStore staff makes the donation “seamless.” He said the staff comes right to their office and picks up the donation in a timely manner. “It’s really a good relationship,” said Bobeck.”
THEBCO has donated to the Habitat ReStore since 2004 and the value of their donation is from $7,500 to $12,000 each year.
Thank you THEBCO for being such a great partner. Learn more about THEBCO, 4126 Robertson Road, at www.thebco.com. THEBCO is a locally owned family business serving the Madison area since 1976. THEBCO specializes in window replacement, entry and patio door installation and siding replacement.


Sergenians, Jim AmundsonJimGarnerSergenian's
Sergenian’s Floor Coverings has donated to the Habitat ReStore since the ReStore opened in 2001. Sergenian’s donates pallets of tile, flooring and carpeting to the ReStore several times a year.
Jim Garner, CEO of Sergenian’s, said the Habitat ReStore and Sergenian’s make for good partners. “The ReStore is a great place for us to donate excess flooring,” Garner said, adding that the focus of the ReStore is to keep usable building materials out of the landfill and our mantra is similar: “No carpet we remove will end up in a landfill.”
Thank you Sergenian’s Floor Covering for being so generous. For more information about Sergenian’s 2805 W. Beltline Highway at Todd Drive, go to www.sergenians.com