2011 Art Show

The 2011 Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show was held in October of 2011.

Thank you galleries and locations who were part of the Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show:
Janus Galleries, Studio Paran, Milward Farrell Gallery, Douglas Art and Frame, Hyart Gallery, Grace Chosy Gallery, The Fanny Garver Gallery, Absolutely Art, Pinney Branch Library, Gary’s Art and Frame, Artisan Gallery, Iconi Interiors, Bindley Collection Gallery, Overture Center for the Arts, PilateSpa, U Frame It and Hatch Art House.

The art show brought in $4,525 for the Habitat ReStore in the sale of the pieces. Twelve of the 33 pieces sold including Michael Roberts, Collen Ott, Ann Windell, Tammy Schrieter, Thomas Skupniewitz, Kelli Hoppman/Theresa Abel, Jason Vincetti, Sue Medaris and Carrie Scherpelz.

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